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New YouTube Video: Mr McColgan’s Testimonial!

You can see the video on YouTube right here:

We recently received a video from a very happy customer, and here’s what he has to say about his experience with us:

“Hi, my name’s Alan. Welcome to my kitchen prior to a Gordon’s Makeover.

As you can see, very bland, very tired. It’s the one room in the house I’ve been looking to get done for a long, long time. And finally we’re there, so looking forward to a good job. Cheers!

Hi, this is Alan. Welcome to my kitchen post-makeover. The quality of workmanship has been first class, and I’d like to thank Alan for his immaculate attention to detail.

Everything went smoothly, and the rubbish from the job was collected immediately [once] the job was finished.

Very, very pleased indeed. We’d have no hesitation in recommending Gordon’s Makeovers to anyone.

P.S. – the cat was an optional extra!”

What a nice message! Thank you, Mr McColgan – we love hearing back from customers, especially when we get to see a video!

If you want a makeover like this one, or maybe you want something completely different, it’s easy to contact us on a variety of social medias. The easiest way to do it is to go to our website (www.gordonsmakeovers.co.uk) and take it from there!

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If you’re still unsure about us, you can see our full testimonial page at www.gordonsmakeovers.co.uk/testimonials/

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