Reviving the Heart of Your Home: Transformative Kitchen Makeovers with Gordon

Your kitchen is not just a space for cooking; it’s the soul of your home, a place where unforgettable moments are created and tales unfold. Imagine transforming this space into an embodiment of your personal style while fully harnessing its capabilities, utilizing the existing...
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Gordon’s Social Media Expansion! Follow us now!

Gordon’s Makeovers is a constantly expanding company, and we thought it was time to refurbish something other than kitchens… Our social media! With new and updated Pinterest, Youtube and Twitter pages, why wouldn’t you want to see more of what we do? Follow us...
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Be a Part of our New Mail List!

Want to be notified with new sales and offers on at Gordon’s Makeovers? Want to be updated on our fitting service, and new sister company Gordon’s 4 Furniture? ( Join our brand new mail list! You’ll be emailed with exclusive offers, information on newly...
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HOW TO: Look after your new Kitchen Doors!

Your new kitchen doors are made from the finest materials, designed to give years of satisfaction. To help maintain the original beauty of your kitchen we recommend following these simple guidelines. Product Care: When installing a wooden product into a new property or extension we strongly...
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